Salsabeel Central School CBSE affiliation in 2001 (Affiliation Code No. 930310)

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About Us

About SCS

The Arabic word ‘Salsabeel’ has the meaning ‘The stream of Paradise’. The Salsabeelites hold their hands together to preserve the purity and divinity of this stream.
We believe the Qur’an verse “Lakum deenukum waliya deen” which means “to you, be your way and to me, mine”. From the light of this verse, Salsabeelites are guided to recognize, accept and celebrate differences. We offer a Value Based Education for our students and train them to tolerate with the diversities.
Salsabeel has an eco-friendly campus which encourages the children to protect the nature. We give high value to each individual and we provide an ideal atmosphere to cherish the talents of each child and to support each of them for their intellectual, physical, practical, moral and emotional growth. We emphasize practical learning and our teaching staff is committed to provide a happy and secure atmosphere to foster the personal growth of each child. The extra-curricular activities include arts & craft, dance, music, sports, community service, etc. The school conducts various activities which inspire healthy competition and instill the team spirit.

Mission Vision

The school aspires to fulfill its mission to guide and support the students so as to sculpt them into socially productive individuals, who will be an asset to the society and will make positive and significant contribution to the development of the nation. We are committed to boost the innovative and creative attributes and talents of the students so that they excel in any field they may venture into. The school atmosphere is created to develop a sense of contentment in the minds of the students. Hence they will be able to live in peace and harmony with themselves and the world at large, sans the barriers of caste, creed or class. We take cautious steps to bring about renaissance at the social and national level through Peace and Value Education. We give a special concern to aware the children on the environmental problems and their solutions.
Our vision is to achieve our mission through a method of positive correction and encouragement. We are ever vigilant to ensure that a child is privileged by the delight and innocence of childhood besides making the maximum use of the available resources so as to attain an outstanding maturity in intellectual, physical, practical, moral and emotional maturity in the stages of their development.

Governing Body

Run by Salsabeel Charitable & Educational trust headed by Mr. A.K. Usman as Chairman and Mr.P.K.Kadermon as Manager.

Our Teachers

We have well qualified, trained and experienced faculties for all subjects.

Our Support Staff

We have adequate and meticulous supporting staff for the smooth running of our school.

Making a Difference

We have an eco-friendly ambience where in we support co-education bringing out the best in every child-mind, body and spirit ensures their holistic development. Thus we equip them face the challenges of life–making a difference.
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