Salsabeel Central School CBSE affiliation in 2001 (Affiliation Code No. 930310)

Alumni Registration


Play School

The school offers a novel venture ‘Play School’ for infants.


We offer a child-centered environment which does not disturb the innocence of childhood. Our kindergarten teachers are trained to support the children to find out and spice up the inborn talents of each child. The children acquire new knowledge with their five senses and through interesting games and activities.
To ensure that the children are not burdened, we prefer a system without home works. They have no need to carry books and food. The school supply milk, breakfast and lunch to the kindergarten children.
In kindergarten the children are encouraged to explore the following areas: English
Environmental Studies


Islamic Pre-School to promote Islamic Studies.

Primary Section

The Primary Section gives preference to the activity-based learning. They involve in activities related to each subject to set a firm basement for their future learning.
Main subjects: English, Mathematics, Malayalam, Environmental Studies, Hindi
Auxiliary subjects: Value Education/Islamic Studies, Arabic/General Knowledge

UpperPrimary Section

In the Upper Primary Section, the children are encouraged to attain knowledge through experiments and projects. They develop their investigation skills to compete with the rapid development of this world.
Main subjects: English, Mathematics, Malayalam, Science, Social Science, Hindi
Auxiliary subjects: Value Education/Islamic Studies, Arabic/General Knowledge
(Arabic is treated as an optional main subject for class VIII)

Secondary Section

We observe the changes during adolescence as an essential part of the development and approach the teenagers scientifically. We help each teen to develop their personality for being a successful individual. We give special consideration to improve the problem solving skills of the children to let them face any situation with confidence.
Main subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
Auxiliary subjects: Hindi/Malayalam/Arabic as 2nd language, Hindi/Malayalam as 3rd language

Senior Secondary

The senior secondary section lends a hand to the students to be a scholar in their specific field of interest. Our reputed staff guides the children who select any of the main streams.
1. Science stream
English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Mathematics/Computer Science
2. Commerce stream
English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Informatics Practices/Mathematics/Hindi
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